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Card Trade List

Below you will find my consolidated card Trade list as I have extras from box/case breaks. I prefer to trade, but will consider selling if it's a good deal. Assume all cards are Mint unless noted otherwise.

Cards marked as BOLD are pending from trade or sale.

  • Base Full Set (x58), NNO - Chewbacca (x2), NNO - Enfys Nest (x3), NNO - Han Solo (x2), NNO - L3-37 (x4), NNO - Lando Calrissian (x3), NNO - Moloch (x1), NNO - Qi'Ra (x4), NNO - Range Trooper (x1), NNO - Therm Scissorpunch (x3), NNO - Val (x3)
  • Coupon Full Set (x35), NNO - Denny's $1 Milk Shake (x38), NNO - Denny's 20% Off (x108), NNO - Denny's Free Premium Craft Pancake Stack (x73), NNO - Topps SWA/Target (x325)


  • Base Full Set (x9)


  • Base Full Set (x13)


  • Base 3D-3 (x1), 3D-9 (x2), 3D-10 (x1), 3D-13 (x3), 3D-14 (x1), 3D-17 (x2), 3D-23 (x1), 3D-25 (x1), 3D-27 (x3), 3D-29 (x2), 3D-31 (x1), 3D-33 (x1), 3D-34 (x1), 3D-38 (x1), 3D-41 (x1), 3D-42 (x2), 3D-47 (x2), 3D-48 (x1), 3D-49 (x1), 3D-51 (x2), 3D-52 (x3), 3D-55 (x2), 3D-56 (x1), 3D-58 (x2), 3D-62 (x2), 3D-68 (x3), 3D-71 (x1), 3D-77 (x3), 3D-79 (x2), 3D-80 (x1), 3D-85 (x1), 3D-88 (x1), 3D-92 (x3), 3D-97 (x3), 3D-99 (x1), 3D-100 (x1)